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In the year 1998 a young dynamic boy with eyes full of dreams migrated to the Capital city of Bhubaneswar. This boy named J.B. Padhi, in a few days could earn a considerable name in the field of professional coaching due to sheer dint of merit & extreme hard work.

Earlier he had proved himself in the school, college and University by consistently ranking in the top ten of the merit list during his studies. Being son of school teacher, he started his career with a humble background. This young, reticent boy from a remote village of Bolgarh from Nayagrh District, Odisha had understood it well that it’s only education that can emancipate people out of poverty.

Student made a beeline to secure a seat so as to get his Midas touch. After writing this success story of Padhhee’s Tutorial Pvt Ltd., he went on to write the next chapter in shape of kalinga Bharati Residential College. Thus in the year 2006 KBRC appeared in the horizon of Odisha’s Educational map. Since its inception it carried the glory of archiving milestones year after year. Its evident from the fact that many of its alumni at present are the cynosure of Corporate Biggies. Thus Prof.J.B. Padhi left behind him a rich legacy of educational excellence.

Thus all the educational institutes born under his patronage boasts of the same blood and the institutes are all the more determined to take the lineage to achieve greater heights.


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